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tooth care dental bundle

tooth care dental bundle

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Our Tooth Care Dental Bundle is your go-to for a healthy and happy smile. Fight bacteria and keep your pearly whites strong and white with our fluoride-containing Toothpaste that whitens teeth and fights bad breath. Our dental bundle also includes Teeth Whitening, Teeth V34 Color Corrector, Professional Dental Whitening, and Hygiene products to keep your whole mouth clean and healthy. Bring home the protection you need, with our toothpaste for adults and children, for a beautiful smile, and peace of mind!

 Tooth Care Dental Bundle Specifications:

Capacity: 30ml/tube

Easy Use: Maintain oral dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.

Package includes:


tooth care dental bundle tooth care dental bundle tooth care dental bundle tooth care dental bundle

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